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The Auto Saver System The Auto Saver System

21st Century Electronic Corrosion Protection

United States Patent #5,407,549

Installing The Auto Saver System


Before starting, a basic understanding of the electrical system of the vehicle is required. We recommend this system be installed by a qualified automotive technician.

Your kit includes the following items:

Be sure your kit is complete before you begin the installation process.

Keep the vehicle's engine in the off position.

Disconnect the battery completely.

Locate a raceway to which to fasten the module using heavy-duty tie wraps. Be sure to keep the module away from the exhaust manifold or any other hot or moving components.

Ensuring that the white connector on the wiring harness will reach the white connector on the module, run the green wire on the wiring harness and using the 3/8" ring terminal connect it to the negative battery terminal or a grounded surface.

Connect the red power wire directly to the positive terminal of the vehicles +12 volt battery using the 3/8" ring terminal. Be sure to avoid positioning wires too close to hot or moving components that may melt or pinch the wire and cause a short.

The grey wire on the wire harness must be secured to any sheet metal surface on a grounded body panel as far away from the battery as possible. If using a 2 grey wire system, to ensure best results each grey wire should be connected at opposite ends of the engine compartment. Crimp the 5/32" ring terminals to the wires and connect to the sheet metal using the self-tapping screws and toothed lock washers. Make sure that when you tighten the screw the teeth on the washer penetrate through the paint. If connecting to the metal surface using existing bolts please ensure that they are properly grounded and that the toothed washer is used as directed.

Reconnect the battery and connect the harness to the module. The green power light will go on for 5-10 seconds confirming that the power from the battery is flowing through the unit. The red light will flash continuously confirming that you have properly grounded the grey wire.

In this close up you will see, once connected the green power light will stay illuminated for 5-10 seconds and the red light will flash continuously. This will show the module is working properly.

Use the included tie wraps to secure unused lengths of wire within raceways or other convenient locations.

Your installation is complete, and The Auto Saver System is now operational.